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Hammerfell is a mod project for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion aiming to recreate Hammerfell, province of the Redguards, to the best of our ability and in accordance to Bethesda's lore.

One of our primary objectives is to make Hammerfell a completely unique gaming experience. The cities of Hammerfell are nothing like those of the Imperial Province, and neither are its terrain, peoples, or culture. In order to achieve this lofty objective we have modeled and textured hundreds of objects for Goldmoor alone! Everything from the grass of the region to the armor of the native Raga is entirely unique and steeped in lore. Our other objective is quality: we aim to make our work as good as (if not better) than that of Bethesda.


Hammerfell got its start as part of Tamriel Rebuilt sometime around the announcement of Oblivion (c.2004). TR chose to focus first on the isle of Stirk (available in the Downloads section) in order to learn the new engine. After numerous beta releases, Stirk was completed and released in early 2009, to goodreviews. Border crossings into Hammerfell were also completed during this period.

Under TR's banner Hammerfell made some great progress, including one of the first heightmaps and the first use of a new map. Much of Goldmoor and its cities - Rihad and Taneth - was completed during the TR years. Tamriel Rebuilt also produced hundreds (if not thousands) of concept images for Hammerfell at large, many of which appear in the Concept Art section.

Sadly, progress was not quite good enough, and interest in the project waned due to a number of factors. In late 2009 Tamriel Rebuilt chose to formally end work on the mod, and passed all rights and assets over to a separate team lead by Lady Nerevar ( me). The mod and the team underwent a pretty big restructuring in light of the split and the aging Oblivion.

The team released an alpha version of Hammerfell, titled Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands, on Septermber 6th, 2010. The release, which included Goldmoor and its cities as well as a basic Helkori and the Cyrodiil-side border crossings, was well recieved by the community.


Dozens of people have contributed to Hammerfell over the years, and we are thankful to all of them. Special thanks goes out to Aro101, Fairwater, Lutemoth, Nemon, and Noirgrim, without whose immense contributions we would not be here today. Below is a list of the team's current members (those holding a claim and actively participating in discussion).

Lady Nerevar (Leader) - exteriors, interiors, models/textures, concept art, and general organization and leadership.

Fiore1300 - design.
Herennius Volsinius - AI, interiors.
Jonarus Drakus "JD" - exteriors, interiors, concept art.
NexUmMonastica - models/textures.
Shadowbeast - exteriors.

The content of this site is © by the Hammerfell Mod Team. Oblivion and its content is © by Bethesda Softworks.