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Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands

This alpha release of Hammerfell. It includes the eastern grasslands, Goldmoor and Helkori, as well as the cities of Rihad and Taneth. Included:

  • Goldmoor, a vast land of grassy hills, monolithic tors, and swampy coastal inlets located in the south of Hammerfell. Exteriors are finished, and several dungeons and enemy encounters are included.
  • Rihad, a Forbear city on the Brena river ruled by Raha Tiergo. All of Rihad's exteriors, with the exception of the upper class district, are included, as are several interiors and NPCs.
  • Taneth, a Forbear city on the edge of the Alik'r, ruled by Dutches Clavilla. This release includes only Taneth's exteriors, and the upper and temple districts are blocked.
  • Helkori, a huge plane in the north-east of Hammerfell. It has been procedurally generated and fixed, and will soon open for claiming.
  • Colovian Highlands, a border region between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. Like the Helkori, it is only procedurally generated and will soon open for claiming.

Additionally, the release includes passage from Cyrodiil into Hammerfell:

  • Fort Brena, on the Brena river, exiting right outside Rihad.
  • Stone Gate, north-west of Chorrol, exiting in the village of Stonedale.
  • Siddle Cave, a smugglers cavern, exiting in the southern Helkori.

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Stirk is an idyllic isle located west of Anvil. The isle is currently home to a resort town for Cyrodiil's wealthy and an imperial fort that once protected Cyrodiil from the Aldmeri Dominion. However, beneath the stucco facade lie secrets yet undisturbed by the island's mining operation.

  • Venture into the depths of the isle and its past to save the residents of Stirk in a two-sided main quest steeped in Tamriel's lore.
  • Help either the miners or the oppressive owner of the mine and leave a lasting impact on the town's future.
  • Partake in the daily life of the town's residents and discover that even the rich have troubles in six miscellaneous quests.
  • Be richly rewarded with three new weapons.

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Hammerfell Art Book

This art book, produced by Tamriel Rebuilt, contains some of the best art done for Hammerfell. Since art is not limited by game limitations, this book really gets our vision of Hammerfell accross.

Right click the link and select "Save As" to download the PDF; a left click will open it in your browser.


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